The Petite PWR Method:

The 4 step process to lose fat, get fit, & feel powerful in your body



If you're 5'4" and shorter, discover the step-by-step system to build your metabolism and 

burn fat–even in your sleep.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • The #1 mistake petite women make when it comes to losing fat

    Why most petite women struggle to lose fat in the first place, and the crucial thing you can do early on to set yourself up for long-term fat loss without dieting and doing tons of cardio.

  • How to workout for your body type as a shorter woman

    Inside, you'll get a full one week workout program tailored to your body type as a petite, complete with 50+ HD exercise video tutorials to learn proper form.

  • The science-backed fat-loss system for petites

    The 4 step process to get your body to spend more time in fat-burning mode rather than fat-storing mode.

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